WIP CyberPunkish Scene

Jarlan perez sky mart 17

Current Progress

Jarlan perez wip 05

Added a light to start betting up a basic lighting feel.

Jarlan perez wip 04

Progress. Generic Skylight.

Jarlan perez skyshop

Early scene block out.

Jarlan perez wip 03

Modeling Progress

Jarlan perez wip 01

Modeling Progress

Jarlan perez wip 02

Modeling Progress

I've been working on this scene on and off during my free time. Due to the lack of free time it' taken a lot longer than I anticipated so I figured I'd just make this a WIP thread.

There is still quite a bit of details that I have left to model. Mostly small things to populate the scene a little more. I also don't want to make it too busy so I'm trying to balance that out as well. Also some of the restaurant signs are temporary.

Any and all feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

January 30, 2017