Jarlan perez scav251
Jarlan perez scav 251 mockup

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The Surround Coverage Area Vehicle is used to survey terrain for scavenging expeditions. It's very popular among the interstellar excavation/mining/archaeology communities for it's robust and flexible build.

The flexible suction arms both provide balance to the vehicle as well as a way to read the ground beneath, allowing them to uncover what lies beneath. The SCAV-251 model has been credited with a wide array of discoveries system wide.

I was working on it on and off and I think I got it to a state in which I am happy with. I was mostly exploring style on this one and trying to come up with a fun shape for the overall mech.

Some was a mix of kit bashing and hard surface modeling in 3ds max with post production in photoshop.

Full view for details :D

April 10, 2015