Junk Looters Drone

Jarlan perez jl


Jarlan perez junk looters mockup

Print Mock Up

Jarlan perez jl progress04

Progress Shot

Jarlan perez jl progress01

Three Quarters

Jarlan perez jl progress02

Top view

Jarlan perez jl progress03

Front view

The Junk Looters drone was a fun take on combining a typical waste collecting vehicle with an unmanned drone. There are various compartments for different types of waste. Regular garbage goes in one while recycling goes in another. No use in making extra trips right? The barrel will simply rotate based on which type of waste it's handling.

There's usually quite a bit of liquid that build up in waste and that takes up a lot of space. The drone can rotate the barrel to pour out much of that on to the bottom piece which funnels that liquid into a reservoir that can easily be poured out from the front.

For all you waste handling needs the Junk Looters are here for you.

August 8, 2016